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Charles Tennant & Co.

34 Clayson Road
Toronto, ON
M9M 2G8
Brian Smith, Sales Rep
A specialty chemicals distributor throughout Canada with customer service in Dorval, QC, 514-631-8580 and Toronto, ON, 416-741-9264.

This record was last updated on Jul 13 2018 3:16PM
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Branch Info

No Branches on file

Distributor Info

No Distributors on file

Product Info

Additives: Corrosion Inhibitors
Additives: Dispersing Agents
Additives: Dry Flow Agents
Additives: Emulsifiers
Additives: Matting Agents
Additives: Surfactants
Additives: Texturing Agents
Additives: UV Absorbers
Catalyst & Initiators: Acid Catalysts
Fillers & Extenders: Barium Sulfates
Fillers & Extenders: Barytes
Fillers & Extenders: Blanc Fixe
Fillers & Extenders: Calcium Carbonate
Fillers & Extenders: Clay
Fillers & Extenders: Kaolin
Fillers & Extenders: Lithopone
Fillers & Extenders: Talc Magnesium Silicate
Resins Phenolic: Heat Hardening Solid
Resins Phenolic: Heat Hardening Solution & Dispersion
Resins Phenolic: High Solids
Resins Phenolic: Modified for Powder Coating
Resins Phenolic: Non-Heat Hardening Solid
Resins Phenolic: Non-Heat Hardening Solution & Dispersion

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