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Corrotec Inc.

1125 W. North St.
Springfield, OH
dstratton@corrotec.com, Vice President and General Manager
Corrotec designs, manufactures and installs custom built automated equipment for surface finishing. Engineered products and turnkey systems produced for over 27 years.

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Product Info

Air Knives
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Air: Dryers
Air: Exhaust Systems
Anode: Bags
Anode: Bar
Anode: Basket
Anodizing Equipment
Automated Metal Finishing/Plating Equipment
Barrel Finishing Equipment
Barrel Plating Equipment
Baskets: Dipping
Baskets: Handling
Cleaning Machines
Consultants: Finishing
Controllers: Exhaust
Controllers: Finishing Line
Controllers: Liquid Level
Controllers: pH
Controls: Programmable
Controls: Remote
Controls: Temperature
Conveyors: Material Handling
Conveyors: Systems
Curing Ovens/Systems: Gas Convection
Electopolishing Equipment
Finishing Equipment: Dip
Finishing Equipment: Electrodeposition E-Coat
Finishing Systems
Hooks and Racks: Racks
Liners: Containment
Liners: Pit/Pond
Liners: Tank
Mass Finishing: Equipment
Phosphate Coating System
Plating Systems: Automatic
Plating Systems: Conveyors
Plating Systems: Manual
Pollution Control Equipment: Air
Pollution Control Equipment: Water
Pretreatment and Washers: Equipment
Pretreatment and Washers: Systems
Reverse Osmosis Equipment
Tanks: Metal
Tanks: Plastic
Temperature: Controls
Temperature: Indicators
Ventilation Equipment & Systems
Wastewater: Treatment Equipment
Water Treatment Equipment
Computer Software: Production
Controls: Process
Controls: Remote
Controls: Temperature
Heaters: Electric
Laboratory: Equipment
Materials Handling Equipment: Lifts
Materials Handling Equipment: Robots
Scrubbers: Air
Scrubbers: Gas
Tank Heaters
Tanks: Metal
Tanks: Plastic

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