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Amiberica, Inc.

3701 S. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL
William Diaz 
Fabricators of complete finishing systems, powder booths, washers, ovens and conveyors. Hook cleaning equipment, burn-off furnaces and the Pyro-Strip fluidized sand tank system. Equipment designed for efficiency and durability.

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Product Info

Conveyors: Chain on Edge
Curing Ovens/Systems: Batch
Curing Ovens/Systems: Continuous
Curing Ovens/Systems: Gas Convection
Curing Ovens/Systems: Gas Infrared
Curing Ovens/Systems: Radiation Cure
Dryers: Rotary
Dust: Collectors
Dust: Filters
Environmental Rooms
Finishing Equipment: Dip
Finishing Equipment: Electrodeposition E-Coat
Finishing Equipment: Electrophoretic
Finishing Equipment: Fluidized Bed
Finishing Equipment: Spray, Powder Coating
Hooks and Racks: Cleaning
Metal Cleaning Equipment
Nozzles: Washing, Pretreatment
Ovens, see Curing Systems
Powder Coating: Color Change
Powder Coating: Curing
Powder Coating: Filter Cartridges
Powder Coating: Fluidized Beds
Powder Coating: Hoppers
Powder Coating: Reclaim Systems
Powder Coating: Spray Booths
Powder Coating: Spray Equipment
Powder Coating: Systems
Pretreatment and Washers: Equipment
Pretreatment and Washers: Spray Nozzles
Pretreatment and Washers: Systems
Recycling Equipment: Pretreatment
Spray Booths: Automatic
Spray Booths: Downdraft
Spray Booths: Large Vehicle
Spray Booths: Powder Coating
Spray Booths: Side Draft
Spray Booths: Updraft
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Automatic, Electrostatic
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Manual, Electrostatic
Spray Equipment: Color Change
Spray Equipment: Electrostatic, Automatic
Stripping: Burn-Off
Stripping: Sand Bath
Washers: 3 Stage
Washers: 5 stage

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