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OPC Polymers

1920 Leonard Ave.
Columbus, OH
Steve Holland, V.P. Sales
OPC Polymers manufactures compliant and conventional coatings polymers and supplies a broad range of advanced polymer technologies to coatings manufacturers to improve end-use product performance, environmental impact and cost effectiveness.

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Branch Info

OPC Polymers Canada
5338 Linbrook Road
Burlington , Ontario
L7L 3T9
(289) 337-5142  
Sales Rep Fred Veghelyi General Mgr. - Canada

Distributor Info

Andicor Specialty Chemicals
Mississauga, ON
(905) 795-0911  
(905) 795-0912  
Distribution Markchem
Rosemere, QC

Product Info

Resins Acrylic: Acrylated Monomers
Resins Acrylic: Acrylic Styrene
Resins Acrylic: High Solids
Resins Acrylic: Polymer Emulsions
Resins Acrylic: Solution
Resins Acrylic: Water Reducible
Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers: Drying Oil Modified
Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers: High Solids
Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers: Modified with other Resins
Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers: Non-drying & Semi-oxidizing, oil modified
Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers: Thixotropic
Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers: Vinyltoluene Copolymers
Resins Alkyd & Oil Copolymers: Water Reducible
Resins Phenolic: Heat Hardening Solution & Dispersion
Resins Phenolic: High Solids
Resins Polyester: Drying
Resins Polyester: High Solids
Resins Polyester: Oil Free
Resins Rosin
Resins Silicone
Resins Styrene: Copolymers
Resins Urethane & Polyurethane: Acrylic Polyols
Resins Urethane & Polyurethane: ASTM Type 1 Packaged Pre Cured
Resins Urethane & Polyurethane: High Solids

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