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101-566 Riverview Drive
Chatham, ON
N7M 0N2
Al Moon ext. 321, General Sales Manager
Manufacturer and distributor of bore sizing and finishing equipment, engine rebuilding equipment, and tooling and abrasives since 1932. Heat cleaning solutions for automotive rebuilding, painting and coating, electric motor rewind and polymer and plastics industries.

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Product Info

Ultrasonic Cleaning Agents
Washing Compounds
Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
Abrasive: Belt Machines
Abrasive: Belts
Abrasive: Wheels
Agitators: Drum
Agitators: Paint Pot
Air: Deionizers, spray booth
Air: Dryers
Air: Exhaust Systems
Air: Filters
Blasting Equipment: Glass Bead
Blasting Equipment: Shot
Blasting Media: Ceramic
Blasting Media: Cob
Blasting Media: Glass
Blasting Media: Grain
Blasting Media: Plastic
Blasting Media: Steel
Blasting Media: Water
Blowers: Centrifugal
Blowers: Portable
Brushes: Wire
Brushes: Wire Wheel
Cleaning Machines
Controls: Temperature
Conveyors: Cleaning Equipment
Curing Ovens/Systems: Batch
Curing Ovens/Systems: Continuous
Curing Ovens/Systems: Gas Convection
Finishing Equipment: Centrifugal
Gloves: Rubber
Grinding: Equipment
Grinding: Wheels
Hooks and Racks: Cleaning
Mass Finishing: Equipment
Mass Finishing: Media
Metal Cleaning Equipment
Nozzles: Abrasive Blasting
Ovens, see Curing Systems
Stripping: Burn-Off
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
Vibratory Finishing Equipment
Washers: Pressure
Washers: Spray
Wastewater: Disposal Equipment
Wastewater: Treatment Equipment
Glass: Shot
Grinding Media: Glass Bead
Tanks: Washers

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