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Bystat International Inc.

1981 Chanterel
Saint-Lazare, QC
J7T 3C2
Rejean Dion, Sales Coordinator
Bystat manufactures and distribute a large range of static control products: ionization, conductive flooring, packaging & shielding bags, personal protection garments, gloves, heel grounders, wrist straps, testers, paints, floor finishes & mats.

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Product Info

Buffing and Polishing Compounds
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Antistatic
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Conductive
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Water-Borne
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Polyurethane
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Conductive
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Epoxy
Air Blow Off Guns
Air Brushes
Air Knives
Blowers: Centrifugal
Blowers: Portable
Clothing: Antistatic
Clothing: Cleanroom
Clothing: Gloves
Clothing: Protective
Cloths, Wiping
Consultants: Environmental
Controls: Humidity
Conveyors: Material Handling
Gloves: Cloth
Hooks and Racks: Hook Covers, conductive
Nozzles: Air Blow Off
Safety Equipment
Spray Booth Materials: Cleaning Materials
Spray Equipment: Electrostatic, Automatic
Spray Equipment: Electrostatic, Manual
Vacuum Cleaners
Resins Polypropylene
Bags: Bulk Handling
Bulk Handling Equipment: Bags
Bulk Handling Equipment: Totes
Cables Grounding, Bonding
Chambers: Humidity
Consultants: Manufacturing
Containers: Plastic
Laboratory: Equipment
Static Eliminators
Vacuum Cleaners

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