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Axalta Coating Systems

408 Fairall St
Ajax, ON
L1S 1R6
Gord Aitcheson, Sr. Technical Sales Representative
The complete line of Axalta finishes includes easy to use, environmentally sustainable liquid, electrocoat and powder coatings that are flexible and adapt easily to existing coating equipment.

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Branch Info

Axalta Coating Systems Canada
Ajax , Ontario
Sales Rep Gord Aitcheson 226-750-1071 gord.aitcheson@axaltacs.com

Distributor Info

No Distributors on file

Product Info

Aluminum Finishing Chemicals
Cleaners: Non-etching
Cleaners: Phosphoric Acid
Cleaners: Solvent Degreasers
Coatings Liquid Electrocoat: Acrylics
Coatings Liquid Electrocoat: Anodic
Coatings Liquid Electrocoat: Cathodic
Coatings Liquid Electrocoat: Epoxy
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Acid Resistant
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Aerospace
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Agricultural
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Anti-corrosion
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Anti-graffiti
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Antistatic
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Ant-skid
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Color Shifting
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Conductive
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Electrical
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Flexible Plastic
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Flock Undercoat
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Glass
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Heat Resistant
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: High Solids
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Inorganic Coatings
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Lacquers
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Marine
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Plastic
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Radiation Curable
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Surface Tension
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Textured
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Water-Borne
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Wood
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Wrinkle
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Acrylic
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Alkyd
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Coal-Tar
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Epoxy
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Fluorocarbon
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Nitrocellulose
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Phenolic
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Polyester
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Polyurethane
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Urethane
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Vinyl
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Zinc-rich
Enamels: Air Dry
Enamels: Brush
Enamels: Heat Cure
Lacquers Generic: Furniture
Lacquers Generic: Glass
Lacquers Generic: Metal
Lacquers Generic: Wood
Lacquers Specific: Acrylic
Lacquers Specific: Conventional
Lacquers Specific: High Solids
Lacquers Specific: Polyester
Powder Coating Special Finishes: Antique
Powder Coating Special Finishes: Clear
Powder Coating Special Finishes: Hammertone
Powder Coating Special Finishes: Metallic
Powder Coating Special Finishes: Transparent Colors
Powder Coating Special Finishes: Wrinkle
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Anti-Gassing
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Antimicrobial
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Architectural Grade
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Coil
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Conductive
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Flat
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Food Contact
Powder Coatings Special Applications: High Build
Powder Coatings Special Applications: In-Mold
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Low Temperature Cure
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Non Stick
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Pipe
Powder Coatings Special Applications: RAL Colors
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Rebar
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Temperature Resistant
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Thin Film
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Tribo
Powder Coatings Special Applications: Wood
Powder Coatings Thermoplastics: Ethylene Acrylic Acid Copolymers
Powder Coatings Thermoplastics: Ethylene Chlorotrifluoro-Ethylene (ECTFC)
Powder Coatings Thermoplastics: Polyesters
Powder Coatings Thermoplastics: Polyvinyldene Fluorides
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Acrylic
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Epoxy
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Hybrids
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Modified Silicones
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Near-Infrared Curable
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Polyester Non-TGIC
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Polyester TGIC
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Polyester Urethanes
Powder Coatings Thermosets: Silicones
Powder Coatings Thermosets: UV Curable
Primers: Metal
Primers: Plastic
Primers: Wood
Primers: Zinc Rich
Rust: Preventatives
Viscosity Control Agents
Washing Compounds
Water Reducible Cleaners
Water Reducible Enamels
Wood Dyes and Stains: Aniline Dyes
Wood Dyes and Stains: Bleaches
Wood Dyes and Stains: Non Grain Raising NGR
Wood Dyes and Stains: Stains
Wood Dyes and Stains: Toners
Wood Dyes and Stains: Universal Tinting Colors (UTC)
Wood Dyes and Stains: Waterborne Stains
Wood Finishes: Acrylic Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Brushing Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Catalyzed Varnish
Wood Finishes: Catalyzed Vinyl
Wood Finishes: Drying Oils
Wood Finishes: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Polyester
Wood Finishes: Polyurethane
Wood Finishes: Post-Catalyzed Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Sanding Sealer
Wood Finishes: Sealers
Wood Finishes: Shellac
Wood Finishes: Shellac Sticks
Wood Finishes: Short Oil Varnish
Wood Finishes: Spar Varnish (Tall Oil)
Wood Finishes: UV Curable Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Waterborne
Wood Finishes: Wiping Oils
Wood: Fillers
Wood: Preservatives
Wrinkle Finishes
Weather Testing: Services

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