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Howard Marten Fluid Technologies Inc.

902 Dillingham Road
Pickering, ON
L1W 1Z6
Dave Shmyr, Canadian Sales Manager (AFC)
Howard Marten Fluid Technologies Inc. supplies finishing, protective coating and powder application equipment. Largest Graco distributor in Canada and an exclusive Nordson (powder) distributor. Install and service everything from spray/powder booths, to foam rigs throughout Canada.

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Branch Info

Howard Marten Fluid Technologies (Calgary, AB)
4450 50th Ave. SE
Calgary , Alberta
T2B 3R4
Sales Rep Roy Gilmet
Howard Marten Fluid Technologies (Edmonton, AB)
9360 49th St. NW
Edmonton , Alberta
T6B 2L7
Sales Rep Mike Roberts
Howard Marten Fluid Technologies (Coquitlam, BC)
Unit 4 - 68 Schooner Street
Coquitlam , British Columbia
V3K 7B1
Sales Rep Michael Brown
Howard Marten Fluid Technologies (Winnipeg, MB)
1153 Sanford Street
Winnipeg , Manitoba
R3E 3A1
Sales Rep Cyrus Ross
Howard Marten Fluid Technologies (Cambridge, ON)
190 Turnbull Court
Cambridge , Ontario
N1T 1J1
Sales Rep Fatima Hawkshaw
Howard Marten Fluid Technologies (Brosard, PQ)
9605 Rue Ignace, Suite J
Brossard , Quebec
J4Y 2P3
Sales Rep Salim Rebbani
Howard Marten Fluid Technologies (Saskatoon, SK)
Bay #3 - 227 Wheeler St.
Saskatoon , Saskatchewan
S7P 0A4
Sales Rep Howard Lowe

Distributor Info

No Distributors on file

Product Info

Strippable Coatings
Agitators: Drum
Agitators: Paint Pot
Air Blow Off Guns
Air Brushes
Air Motors, Steel Drum
Air: Compressors
Air: Dryers
Air: Exhaust Systems
Air: Filters
Air: Make-Up
Air: Regulators
Air: Replacement Systems
Blasting Equipment: Glass Bead
Blasting Equipment: Sand
Blasting Equipment: Shot
Clothing: Antistatic
Clothing: Gloves
Clothing: Protective
Consultants: Finishing
Controllers: Fluid Pressure
Controllers: Paint Distribution
Controls: Automatic Spray
Conveyors: Hand Pull
Conveyors: Lubrication Equipment
Curing Ovens/Systems: Batch
Curing Ovens/Systems: Continuous
Drum: Mixers
Dryers: Compressed Air
Dust: Collectors
Dust: Filters
Filter: Air Replacement
Filter: Compressed Air
Filter: Dry Spray Booth
Filter: Liquid
Filter: Paint
Filter: Paint Booth
Filter: Powder Coating Booth
Filter: Press
Filter: Solvent
Filter: Spray Gun
Filtration Equipment: Paint
Finishing Equipment: Spray, 2k
Finishing Equipment: Spray, Airless
Finishing Equipment: Spray, Airless, Assist
Finishing Equipment: Spray, Conventional
Finishing Equipment: Spray, Electrostatic
Finishing Equipment: Spray, HVLP
Finishing Equipment: Spray, Powder Coating
Finishing Systems
Fire and Explosion: Suppression
Gauges and Instruments: Glossmeter
Gauges and Instruments: Thickness
Gun Motion Devices: Oscillators
Gun Motion Devices: Protective Covers
Hazardous Material: Storage
Heat Exchangers
Heaters: Drum
Hooks and Racks: Cleaning
Liners: Drum
Mixing Equipment
Oil: Filters
Oil: Mist Eliminators
Oil: Separators
Ovens, see Curing Systems
Paint: Arrestors
Paint: Circulation Systems
Paint: Kitchens
Paint: Strainers
Powder Coating: Color Change
Powder Coating: Curing
Powder Coating: Filter Cartridges
Powder Coating: Hoppers
Powder Coating: Hose
Powder Coating: Pumps
Powder Coating: Reclaim Systems
Powder Coating: Spray Booths
Powder Coating: Spray Equipment
Powder Coating: Systems
Pressure: Feed Tanks
Pressure: Regulators
Pumps: Air Power
Pumps: Diaphragm
Pumps: Drum
Pumps: Hand
Pumps: High Pressure
Pumps: Metering
Pumps: Reciprocating
Recycling Equipment: Solvent
Safety Equipment
Solvent Recovery Equipment
Spray Booth Materials: Cleaning Materials
Spray Booth Materials: Filter Dry ,Pad, Roll
Spray Booth Materials: Filter, Media
Spray Booth Materials: Filter, Powder Coating
Spray Booth Materials: Filter, Water Wash
Spray Booth Materials: Strippable Coatings
Spray Booths: Automotive
Spray Booths: Aviation
Spray Booths: Downdraft
Spray Booths: Large Vehicle
Spray Booths: Lighting, explosion proof
Spray Booths: Lighting, fluorescent
Spray Booths: Liquid Paint
Spray Booths: Powder Coating
Spray Booths: Side Draft
Spray Booths: Water Wash
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Automatic, Electrostatic
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Bells
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Discs
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Filters
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Manual, Electrostatic
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Porcelain
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Tribo
Spray Equipment: Air
Spray Equipment: Air-Assisted Airless
Spray Equipment: Airless, Automatic
Spray Equipment: Airless, Hot
Spray Equipment: Airless, Manual
Spray Equipment: Color Change
Spray Equipment: Electrostatic, Automatic
Spray Equipment: Electrostatic, Manual
Spray Equipment: High Volume Low Pressure, HVLP
Spray Equipment: Low Volume Low Pressure, LVLP
Spray Equipment: Plural Component, 2K
Stripping: Burn-Off
Testing Equipment: Color Matching
Testing Equipment: Film Thickness
Testing Equipment: Gloss
Testing Equipment: Viscosity
Vacuum Cleaners
Washers: 3 Stage
Washers: 5 stage
Water Pollution Control Equipment: Evaporation
Solvent Recovery: Equipment
Solvent Recovery: Services

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