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Flat Line Spraybooth Specialists Inc. & FL Mechanical

45 Mural Street
Unit 6
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 1J4
Irv Johnston, Sales Representative
Flat Line is a full service and maintenance supplier for refinishing equipment. It sells new spray booths, relocate equipment, clean equipment, and provide preventative maintenance. Some products include Car-O-Liner, Blowtherm, Col-Met, Paint Pocket and Viledon Filters. Now offering HVAC services.

This record was last updated on Jul 14 2018 4:48PM
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Product Info

Air: Exhaust Systems
Air: Filters
Air: Replacement Systems
Burners: Gas
Consultants: Environmental
Consultants: Finishing
Controllers: Air-Make Up
Controllers: Exhaust
Controllers: Finishing Line
Curing Ovens/Systems: Batch
Curing Ovens/Systems: Continuous
Curing Ovens/Systems: Electric Infrared
Curing Ovens/Systems: Gas Convection
Dryers: Centrifugal
Dryers: Infrared
Dust: Collectors
Dust: Control Equipment
Dust: Filters
Filter: Air Replacement
Filter: Bags
Filter: Cartridges
Filter: Compressed Air
Filter: Dry Spray Booth
Filter: Liquid
Filter: Paint
Filter: Paint Booth
Filter: Press
Filter: Sludge
Filtration Equipment: Paint
Finishing Equipment: Centrifugal
Finishing Equipment: Curtain
Finishing Equipment: Flatline
Finishing Equipment: Spray, 2k
Finishing Equipment: Spray, Powder Coating
Finishing Equipment: Web
Finishing Systems
Heat Exchangers
Paint Recycling Service
Paint: Arrestors
Powder Coating: Filter Cartridges
Powder Coating: Spray Booths
Powder Coating: Systems
Spray Booth Materials: Cleaning Materials
Spray Booth Materials: Filter Dry ,Pad, Roll
Spray Booth Materials: Filter, Media
Spray Booth Materials: Filter, Powder Coating
Spray Booth Materials: Filter, Water Wash
Spray Booth Materials: Strippable Coatings
Spray Booths: Automatic
Spray Booths: Automotive
Spray Booths: Aviation
Spray Booths: Coil Coating
Spray Booths: Downdraft
Spray Booths: Large Vehicle
Spray Booths: Lighting, explosion proof
Spray Booths: Lighting, fluorescent
Spray Booths: Liquid Paint
Spray Booths: Powder Coating
Spray Booths: Side Draft
Spray Booths: Updraft
Spray Booths: Water Wash
Vacuum Deposition Equipment

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