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Jena Industries, Inc.

356 Ontario Street
Suite 269
Stratford, ON
N5A 7X6
Jeff Thomas, Technical Sales and Service
Design and installation of industrial finishing systems and industries chemical products. System design and maintenance services.

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Product Info

Cleaners: Acidic
Cleaners: Alkaline
Cleaners: Descaling
Cleaners: Emulsion
Cleaners: Low Temperature
Cleaners: Non-etching
Cleaners: Organic Phosphating
Cleaners: Phosphoric Acid
Cleaners: Solvent Degreasers
Conversion Coatings: Aluminum
Conversion Coatings: Chrome Free
Conversion Coatings: Iron Phosphate
Conversion Coatings: No Rinse Phosphate Chromate Compounds
Conversion Coatings: Phosphate and Chrome Free
Conversion Coatings: Zinc
Conversion Coatings: Zinc Phosphate
Degreasing Chemicals
Rust: Inhibitors
Rust: Preventatives
Rust: Removers
Strippable Materials
Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
Water Wash Booth Chemicals
Automated Metal Finishing/Plating Equipment
Cleaners: Acidic
Cleaners: Alkaline
Cleaners: Emulsion
Cleaners: Low Temperature
Consultants: Finishing
Conveyors: Chain
Conveyors: Chain on Edge
Conveyors: Cleaning Equipment
Conveyors: Hand Pull
Conveyors: Hangers/hooks
Conveyors: Lubrication Equipment
Conveyors: Maintenance Services
Conveyors: Material Handling
Conveyors: Parts
Conveyors: Power and Free
Conveyors: Replacement Chain
Conveyors: Roller
Conveyors: Rotators
Conveyors: Spindles
Conveyors: Systems
Curing Ovens/Systems: Batch
Curing Ovens/Systems: Continuous
Curing Ovens/Systems: Gas Convection
Curing Ovens/Systems: Gas Infrared
Filter: Bags
Filter: Cartridges
Filter: Powder Coating Booth
Filtration Equipment: Aqueous Solution
Filtration Equipment: Paint
Filtration Equipment: Water
Nozzles: Washing, Pretreatment
Powder Coating: Color Change
Powder Coating: Curing
Powder Coating: Hoppers
Powder Coating: Reclaim Systems
Powder Coating: Spray Booths
Powder Coating: Spray Equipment
Powder Coating: Systems
Pretreatment and Washers: Equipment
Pretreatment and Washers: Systems
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Automatic, Electrostatic
Spray Equipment Powder Coating: Manual, Electrostatic
Tanks: Metal
Washers: 3 Stage
Washers: 5 stage
Washers: Immersion
Washers: Pressure
Washers: Spray
Water Treatment Equipment
Filters and Filter Media: Bags
Filters and Filter Media: Chemical
Materials Handling Equipment: Conveyors
Materials Handling Equipment: Lifts
Tanks: Metal
Tanks: Washers
Wastewater Treatment Equipment

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