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WestChem Technologies

#30 – 4797 22nd Street SE
Calgary, AB
T2B 0N8
Darric Perry 
Supplier of metal finishing chemistry in Western Canada. Product line includes metalworking fluids, electroless nickel, hard chrome, zinc plating, zinc/mang phosphate, iron phosphates, zirconium treatments, acid/alkaline cleaners, rust removers, chrome free for aluminum, final sealers, paint strippers and more.

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Product Info

Aluminum Finishing Chemicals
Anodizing Process: Chemicals
Blackening Chemicals
Buffing and Polishing Compounds
Cleaners: Acidic
Cleaners: Alkaline
Cleaners: Descaling
Cleaners: Emulsion
Cleaners: Low Temperature
Cleaners: Non-etching
Cleaners: Organic Phosphating
Cleaners: Phosphoric Acid
Cleaners: Solvent Degreasers
Conversion Coatings: Aluminum
Conversion Coatings: Cadmium
Conversion Coatings: Chrome Free
Conversion Coatings: Chromium Oxide
Conversion Coatings: Iron Phosphate
Conversion Coatings: Manganese Phosphate
Conversion Coatings: No Rinse Phosphate Chromate Compounds
Conversion Coatings: Phosphate and Chrome Free
Conversion Coatings: Zinc
Conversion Coatings: Zinc Phosphate
Degreasing Chemicals
Descaling Compounds
Etchants: Acidic Hydroflurouric
Etchants: Acidic Phosphoric
Inhibitors (Acid Pickling)
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Defoamers
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Nickel Sulfate
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Sodium Hypophosphite
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Wetting Agents
Plating Process: Alloy
Plating Process: Aluminum
Plating Process: Brass/Bronze
Plating Process: Cadmium
Plating Process: Chromium
Plating Process: Chromium Colored
Plating Process: Chromium Replacements
Plating Process: Chromium Trivalent
Plating Process: Copper/Copper Electroless
Plating Process: Fluoborate
Plating Process: Gold/Gold Electroless
Plating Process: Nickel
Plating Process: Nickel, Colored
Plating Process: Nickel, Electroless
Plating Process: Nickel, Iron
Plating Process: Nickel, Sulfamate
Plating Process: Printed Circuit Boards
Plating Process: Tin Lead
Plating Process: Tin Nickel
Plating Process: Tin/Tin Electroless
Plating Process: Zinc
Plating Process: Zinc Cobalt
Plating Process: Zinc Iron
Plating Process: Zinc Nickel
Rust: Inhibitors
Rust: Preventatives
Rust: Removers
Ultrasonic Cleaning Agents
Washing Compounds
Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
Cleaners: Acidic
Cleaners: Alkaline
Cleaners: Emulsion
Cleaners: Low Temperature
Controllers: pH
Controls: Temperature
Drum: Handling Equipment
Drum: Heaters
Filter: Bags
Gauges and Instruments: pH & ORP
Pumps: Diaphragm
Stripping: Acid
Stripping: Alkali
Stripping: Solvent
Testing Equipment: Adhesion
Testing Equipment: Corrosion
Testing Equipment: Salt Spray
Washers: Pressure
Washers: Steam
Washers: Wand
Chambers: Humidity
Chambers: Salt Spray

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