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Polyrheo Inc.

18900, Ave. Clark Graham
Baie D'Urfe, QC
H9X 3R8
Tony Thomas, President
Canadian specialty chemical manufacturer & global distributor, with a focus on fine chemicals, pigments , solvents & additives Most are in stock in Montreal, Toronto and New Jersey Port Areas.

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Product Info

Acid Salts
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Ammonium Hydroxide
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Anti-pitting Agents
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Boric Acid
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Calcium chloride
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Caustic Soda
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Chromic Acid
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Copper Chloride
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Copper Sulfate
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Defoamers
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Muriatic Acid
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Nickel Chloride
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Nickel Sulfate
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Nitric Acid
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Sodium Bisulfite
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Sodium Hypophosphite
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Sulfuric Acid
Plating and Anodizing Chemicals: Wetting Agents
Additives: Accelerators
Additives: Adhesion Promoters
Additives: Anti Foaming Agents
Additives: Anti Freeze Agents
Additives: Anti Oxidants
Additives: Anti Skinning Agents
Additives: Biocides
Additives: Gloss Improvers
Additives: Matting Agents
Additives: Surfactants
Additives: Vinyl Stabilizers
Additives: Wax
Catalyst & Initiators: Accelerators
Catalyst & Initiators: Acid Catalysts
Catalyst & Initiators: Curing Agents
Catalyst & Initiators: Photoinitiators
Driers: Octoates
Drying Oils: Acidulated
Drying Oils: Blown & Heat Bodied
Drying Oils: Canola Rapeseed
Drying Oils: Cashew Shell
Drying Oils: Caster
Drying Oils: Coconut
Drying Oils: Fatty Acid
Drying Oils: Fish
Drying Oils: Linseed
Drying Oils: Petroleum
Drying Oils: Safflower
Fillers & Extenders: Kaolin
Intermediates, Aldehydes: Benzaldehyde
Intermediates, Aldehydes: Butraldehyde
Intermediates, Aldehydes: Fufuraldehyde
Intermediates, Aldehydes: Paraformaldehyde
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Acrylic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Adipic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Benzoic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Citric Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Dibasic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Dimer Acids
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Ethylhexoic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Fatty Acid Esters
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Fumaric Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Maleic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Maleic Anhydride
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Naphthenic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Octonic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Oleic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Palmitic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Phthalic Anhydride
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Sebacic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Stearic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Succinic Acid
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Succinic Anhydride
Intermediates, Anhydrides & Acids: Terephthalic Acid
Intermediates, Monomers: Acrylic
Intermediates, Monomers: Acrylonitrile
Intermediates, Monomers: Butadiene
Intermediates, Monomers: Vinyl Acetate
Intermediates, Monomers: Vinyl Chloride
Intermediates, Polyols: Glycol Ethers
Intermediates, Polyols: Neopentyl Glycol
Intermediates, Polyols: Pentaerythritol Mono, Di, Tri
Intermediates, Polyols: Sorbitol
Intermediates, Polyols: Trimethylolpropane
Pigment White Titanium: Titanium Dioxide
Pigment White Zinc: Lithopone
Pigment White Zinc: Oxide
Pigment White Zinc: Sulfide
Pigments Black: Aniline
Pigments Black: Black Iron
Resins Amino: Melamine
Resins Amino: Melamine Formaldehyde
Resins Amino: Urea
Resins Amino: Urea Formaldehyde
Resins Cellulose
Resins Hydrocarbon: Modified Hydrocarbon
Resins Hydrocarbon: Solid
Resins Hydrocarbon: Terpene
Resins Maelic: High Solids
Resins Maelic: Solid
Resins Maelic: Solution
Resins Nitrocellulose
Resins Polyester: Powder Coating
Rheology: Bodying Agents
Rheology: Flow Control
Solvent Ethers: Dioxane
Solvent Ethers: Ethers & Polyethers
Solvent Ethers: Ethyl Ethers
Solvent Ethers: Glycol Ethers
Solvent Ketones: Methyl Ethyl
Solvent Ketones: Methyl Isobutyl
Solvents Acetates: 2-Ethyl Hexyl
Solvents Acetates: Butyl
Solvents Acetates: Isopropyl
Solvents Acetates: Methyl
Solvents Acetates: N-Butyl Lactate
Solvents Alcohol: Cyclohexanol
Solvents Alcohol: Isopropyl
Solvents Aliphatic Hydrocarbons: Low Odor
Solvents Aliphatic Hydrocarbons: Odorless
Solvents Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Aromatic Cuts
Solvents Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Benzol (Benzene)
Solvents Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Toluol (Toluene)
Solvents Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Xylol (Xylene)

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