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Norstone, Inc.

315 East 4th St. Rear
Bridgeport, PA
Daniyel Firestone 
Distributor and manufacturer of blades, grinding media, polyblade, abrasion resistant and non-metal parts, tanks, Trapolene tank lid, lab equipment and deco beads.

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Product Info

Blasting Media: Ceramic
Blasting Media: Cob
Blasting Media: Glass
Blasting Media: Grain
Blasting Media: Plastic
Blasting Media: Sand
Blasting Media: Steel
Drum: Handling Equipment
Drum: Heaters
Drum: Liners
Grinding: Equipment
Heaters: Drum
Heaters: Tank
Liners: Drum
Pressure: Feed Tanks
Solvent Recovery Services
Tanks: Ceramic
Tanks: Fiberglass
Tanks: Metal
Tanks: Plastic
Tanks: Pressure
Washers: Spray
Wastewater: Disposal Equipment
Water Treatment Equipment
Bulk Handling Equipment: Totes
Can: Can and Pail Closers
Can: Case Sealers
Can: Crushers
Can: Feeding Tables
Cleaning Equipment, Tank & Drum
Colorant, Tinting Equipment
Consultants: Manufacturing
Containers: Plastic
Containers: Stainless Steel
Containers: Steel
Controls: Remote
Controls: Temperature
Drum: Filling Equipment
Drum: Handling Equipment
Drum: Liners
Filling, Packaging, Labeling: Can Casing Equipment
Filling, Packaging, Labeling: Fillers
Filling, Packaging, Labeling: Label Printing
Filling, Packaging, Labeling: Labelers
Filling, Packaging, Labeling: Lid Punch Closures
Filling, Packaging, Labeling: Pail Denesters
Filling, Packaging, Labeling: Palletizing Equipment
Filters and Filter Media: Bags
Filters and Filter Media: Cloths
Glass: Beads Reflective
Glass: Shot
Grinding Media: Ball
Grinding Media: Ceramic
Grinding Media: Flint Pebbles
Grinding Media: Glass Bead
Grinding Media: Sand
Grinding Mills: Air Classifying
Grinding Mills: Cyrogenic
Grinding Mills: Hammer
Grinding Mills: Jet
Grinding Mills: Lab
Grinding Mills: Roller
Laboratory: Equipment
Laboratory: Glassware
Laboratory: Ovens
Materials Handling Equipment: Pail Denesters
Mills: Air Classifier
Mills: Attrition
Mills: Ball
Mills: Colloid
Mills: Disc
Mills: Grinding
Mills: Pebble
Mills: Portable
Mills: Pot
Mills: Roll
Mills: Sand
Mills: Small Media
Mixing: Disperser Blades
Mixing: Dispersers
Mixing: Dissolvers
Mixing: Shakers
Powder Coating Mfg. Equipment: Grinding Mills
Powder Coating Mfg. Equipment: Mixers
Powder Coating Mfg. Equipment: Screens
Powder Coating Mfg. Equipment: Sifters & Screeners
Pressure Vessels
Sifters and Screeners: Air Classifiers
Sifters and Screeners: Lab
Sifters and Screeners: Ultrasonic
Sifters and Screeners: Vibratory Screeners
Solvent Recovery: Equipment
Tank Heaters
Tanks: Ceramic
Tanks: Fiberglass
Tanks: Metal
Tanks: Plastic
Tanks: Polyurethane
Tanks: Portable
Tanks: Process
Tanks: Thinning and Tinting
Tanks: Tote
Tanks: Washers
Vibrating Screens

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