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Luster-On Products, Inc.

54 Waltham Avenue
Springfield, MA
Les Gonsalves, Technical Representative
Luster-On Products, Inc. is a long time manufacturer of chemicals for the plating industry such as RoHS chromates, cleaners and brighteners. Also, exclusive distributor of Sterling Barrels, as well as equipment sales. Local Canadian distributor-Remo Tech Inc.

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Branch Info

No Branches on file

Distributor Info

Remo Tech, Inc.
Laval, QC

Product Info

Acid Salts
Aluminum Finishing Chemicals
Anodizing Process: Chemicals
Anodizing Process: Dyes
Cleaners: Acidic
Cleaners: Alkaline
Cleaners: Alkaline
Cleaners: Descaling
Cleaners: Descaling
Cleaners: Emulsion
Cleaners: Low Temperature
Cleaners: Non-etching
Cleaners: Organic Phosphating
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Ant-skid
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Electrical
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Fluorescent
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Inorganic Coatings
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Non-Stick
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Plastic
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Zinc-rich
Conversion Coatings: Aluminum
Conversion Coatings: Bronze
Conversion Coatings: Cadmium
Conversion Coatings: Chrome Free
Conversion Coatings: Chromium Oxide
Conversion Coatings: Iron Phosphate
Conversion Coatings: Zinc
Conversion Coatings: Zinc Phosphate
Dyes: Anodizing
Dyes: Anodizing
Dyes: Chromate Coatings
Dyes: Chromate Coatings
Etchants: Acidic Hydroflurouric
Plating Process: Alloy
Plating Process: Cadmium
Plating Process: Chromium
Plating Process: Cobalt Alloy
Plating Process: Copper/Copper Electroless
Plating Process: Fluoborate
Plating Process: Nickel
Plating Process: Nickel, Electroless
Plating Process: Nickel, Iron
Plating Process: Nickel, Sulfamate
Plating Process: Tin Lead
Plating Process: Tin Nickel
Plating Process: Tin/Tin Electroless
Plating Process: Zinc
Plating Process: Zinc Cobalt
Plating Process: Zinc Iron
Plating Process: Zinc Nickel
Rust: Inhibitors
Rust: Preventatives
Agitators: Drum
Anode: Bags
Anode: Basket
Anode: Nickel
Anode: Tin
Anode: Tin-Lead
Anode: Zinc
Controllers: Finishing Line
Controllers: ORP
Controllers: pH
Drum: Mixers
Dryers: Centrifugal
Dryers: Rotary
Filter: Bags
Filter: Cartridges
Filter: Sludge
Hooks and Racks: Hook Forming Machines
Hooks and Racks: Hooks
Masking: Liquid Compounds

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