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Williams Metals and Welding Alloys

125 Strafford Ave Suite 108
Wayne, PA
Supplier of all product forms (bar, rod, plate, pipe, sheet, tube, coil, weld wire) of copper, bronze, brass and aluminum products. Full range of products targeted to the finishing industries. In addition to raw materials, customized fabrication (i.e. flight bars).

This record was last updated on Jul 18 2018 8:59AM
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Product Info

Plating Process: Copper/Copper Electroless
Heat Exchangers
Hooks and Racks: Hook Covers, conductive
Hooks and Racks: Racks
Mechanical Plating: Equipment
Mechanical Plating: Supplies
Plating Systems: Automatic
Plating Systems: Conveyors
Plating Systems: Manual
Fittings: Copper
Anodizing and Plating Processes: Copper/ Copper Electroless
Substrates: Copper
Substrates: Copper Alloys

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