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JPS Technologies, Inc.

11110 Deerfield Rd
Blue Ash, OH
513 984 6400
513 984 8204
Robert Brandner, SALES
JPS Technologies, Inc. supplies equipment and chemicals to the surface finishing, electroplating, printed circuit board, aerospace, rotogravure and other related wet processing industries. JPS Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures custom built equipment.

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Product Info

Agitators: Drum
Air Knives
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Air: Dryers
Air: Exhaust Systems
Air: Make-Up
Anode: Bags
Anode: Bar
Anode: Basket
Anode: Brass and Bronze
Anode: Cadmium
Anode: Carbon
Anode: Ceramic and Metal Oxide
Anode: Cobalt and Nickel Cobalt
Anode: Conforming
Anode: Copper
Anode: Hooks
Anode: Indium
Anode: Lead
Anode: Magnesium
Anode: Nickel
Anode: Platinum, Platinum Coated
Anode: Silver
Anode: Steel and Iron
Anode: Tin
Anode: Tin-Lead
Anode: Tin-Zinc
Anode: Titanium
Anode: Zinc
Anodizing Equipment
Anodizing Process: Aluminum
Anodizing Process: Aluminum Hardcoat
Automated Metal Finishing/Plating Equipment
Barrel Finishing Equipment
Barrel Plating Equipment
Baskets: Dipping
Baskets: Handling
Blasting Equipment: Glass Bead
Blowers: Axial
Blowers: Centrifugal
Blowers: Portable
Brush Plating Equipment
Cleaners: Acidic
Cleaners: Alkaline
Cleaners: Emulsion
Cleaners: Low Temperature
Cleaning Machines
Computer Software: Process Control
Controllers: Air-Make Up
Controllers: Exhaust
Controllers: Liquid Level
Controllers: ORP
Controllers: pH
Controls: Temperature
Curing Ovens/Systems: Batch
Curing Ovens/Systems: Continuous
Curing Ovens/Systems: Laboratory
Curing Ovens/Systems: UltraViolet
Curing Ovens/Systems: UV Lamps
Danglers & Cathode Contacts
Descaling Compounds
Drum: Heaters
Drum: Liners
Drum: Mixers
Dryers: Centrifugal
Dryers: Sludge
Fasteners: Aluminum
Fasteners: Stainless Steel
Fasteners: Titanium
Filter: Bags
Filter: Cartridges
Filter: Press
Filter: Sludge
Filtration Equipment: Aqueous Solution
Filtration Equipment: Water
Finishing Equipment: Electrodeposition E-Coat
Finishing Equipment: Electrophoretic
Fume: Eliminators
Fume: Separators
Gauges and Instruments: Chart Recorders
Gauges and Instruments: Hydrometers
Gauges and Instruments: pH & ORP
Gauges and Instruments: Spectrophotometers
Heat Exchangers
Heaters: Drum
Heaters: Immersion
Heaters: Tank
Hooks and Racks: Cleaning
Hooks and Racks: Hook Covers, conductive
Hooks and Racks: Hooks
Hooks and Racks: Racks
Liners: Containment
Liners: Drum
Liners: Pit/Pond
Liners: Tank
Masking: Caps
Masking: Plugs
Masking: Tape
Mass Finishing: Equipment
Mass Finishing: Media
Material Handling: Hoists
Oil: Separators
Plating Systems: Automatic
Plating Systems: Conveyors
Plating Systems: Manual
Pollution Control Equipment: Air
Pollution Control Equipment: Water
Pretreatment and Washers: Equipment
Pretreatment and Washers: Spray Nozzles
Pumps: Air Power
Pumps: Centrifugal
Pumps: Diaphragm
Pumps: Drum
Pumps: Hand
Pumps: High Pressure
Pumps: Metering
Reclaim Systems, Liquid
Recording Thermometers
Stripping: Alkali
Tanks: Fiberglass
Tanks: Metal
Tanks: Plastic
Temperature: Controls
Temperature: Indicators
Temperature: Profilers
Temperature: Regulators
Test Services
Testing Equipment: Metal Panels
Testing Equipment: ORP
Testing Equipment: pH
Testing Equipment: Salt Spray
Testing Equipment: Surface Tension
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
Ventilation Equipment & Systems
Vibratory Finishing Equipment
Washers: 3 Stage
Washers: 5 stage
Washers: Immersion
Wastewater: Treatment Equipment
Water Pollution Control Equipment: Chemical Destruction
Water Pollution Control Equipment: Electrodialisis
Water Pollution Control Equipment: Electrolytic Destruction
Water Pollution Control Equipment: Evaporation
Water Pollution Control Equipment: Ion Exchange
Water Pollution Control Equipment: Membrane Filtration
Water Pollution Control Equipment: Sludge Concentration
Water Treatment Equipment

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