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Selectone Paints Inc

30, Gail Grove
Toronto, ON
M9M 1M4
Tony THOMAS, President
An over 100-year-old Canadian paint manufacturing company, producing all kinds of decorative & industrial paints, both solvent-based & water-based paints, epoxy paints, PU, etc.

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Product Info

Cleaners: Phosphoric Acid
Cleaners: Solvent Degreasers
Coatings Liquid Electrocoat: Acrylics
Coatings Liquid Electrocoat: Epoxy
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Anti-corrosion
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Anti-graffiti
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Antiquing
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Antistatic
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Ant-skid
Coatings Liquid Industrial Generic: Appliance
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Epoxy
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Nitrocellulose
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Polyvinyl Chloride
Coatings Liquid Industrial Specific: Urethane
Degreasing Chemicals
Enamels: Air Dry
Enamels: Brush
Lacquers Generic: Metal
Lacquers Generic: Wood
Lacquers Specific: High Solids
Lacquers Specific: Polyester
Primers: Metal
Primers: Plastic
Primers: Wood
Primers: Zinc Rich
Rust: Inhibitors
Rust: Preventatives
Rust: Removers
Strippable Coatings
Viscosity Control Agents
Washing Compounds
Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
Water Reducible Enamels
Water Wash Booth Chemicals
Wood Dyes and Stains: Stains
Wood Finishes: Drying Oils
Wood Finishes: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Polyester
Wood Finishes: Polyurethane
Wood Finishes: Sanding Sealer
Wood Finishes: Sealers
Wood Finishes: Wiping Oils

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