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Gemini Industries

421 S.E. 27th
Reno, OK
Brent Celone, Tech Rep Canada
Complete line of wood finishing products.

This record was last updated on Jul 14 2018 5:06PM
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Product Info

Lacquers Generic: Furniture
Lacquers Generic: Wood
Lacquers Specific: Acrylic
Lacquers Specific: Conventional
Lacquers Specific: High Solids
Lacquers Specific: Polyester
Primers: Wood
Wood Dyes and Stains: Non Grain Raising NGR
Wood Dyes and Stains: Stains
Wood Finishes: Acrylic Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Brushing Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Catalyzed Varnish
Wood Finishes: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Polyurethane
Wood Finishes: Post-Catalyzed Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Sealers
Wood Finishes: UV Curable Lacquer
Wood Finishes: Waterborne
Wood Finishes: Wiping Oils

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